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Do I Need Therapy?

Perhaps you feel life is going pretty well but still sense that something is not quite right. Therapy offers no guarantees to magically fix problems, but through our work together you or your child may find inner strength or new perspectives that were unavailable to you before.  Often therapy is brief, like a “tune-up”, offering you a chance to slow down and access your own resources.

Other times, therapy is a long-term process.  Some issues become ingrained over years and certainly won’t be alleviated quickly.   If you struggle with symptoms of depression,  anxiety, feel stuck in your life or if your child is experiencing emotional or behavioral problems or has experienced a loss or trauma, please give me a call and we can discuss whether I can be helpful to you.

How Long Does Therapy Last?

Therapy is a process unique to each person.  This is based on several factors including the severity of concerns and the kind of goals you have in mind.  Therapy with children can be expected to take longer than with adults as there are developmental factors involved among many others.  Together we can decide how many sessions will be the right fit for you.





Companion Recovery Model



What can I expect from therapy?


During a fifty-minute session, you will enjoy a peaceful space with a caring   professional who gives you unwavering attention.  In time, you will form a   confidential relationship with your therapist unlike any other in your life.  It is through this dynamic that a greater awareness of yourself can be gained and  you feel encouraged and supported to approach life in new ways.   A therapist absorbs your story but listens for opportunities to break patterns and introduce new ideas, even if it is challenging. My work with children often includes the parents for at least part of the session, and may include some "talking time" with the child. I use different modalities to engage children in order to be age appropriate and supportive.

What are the benefits of having a Licensed Clinical Social Worker?


To become licensed in this state, an applicant must have a Masters degree in Social Work (four years for a Bachelors degree plus two years for a Masters) from an accredited university, complete three or more years working in the field (of which 1,500 hours must be providing direct therapy under clinical supervision) and then pass a licensing exam.  Once licensed, therapists are accountable to codes of ethics and are required to take continuing education yearly to ensure that they are improving their clinical skills.  Having a licensed therapist means you are receiving treatment from a well-trained provider who is committed to excellence in their profession.

Do you take insurance?


I do not take insurance.  I do give properly coded receipts so that you can turn them into your insurance yourself.   My hourly fees are competitive with other providers in the area, given the quality of care my clients receive.  There are many benefits of private pay for therapy rather than using your insurance company for mental health treatment.  These are mostly due to issues of confidentiality.



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